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Clear & Clean offer commercial cleaning services for business in Devon and Cornwall. We’ve given you a brief summary of each service we offer below to give you an idea of the high quality service you will receive from us.


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Render Cleaning

Render­ cleaning or soft washing is a chemic­al cleaning process d­esigned to kill mildew, fungi, algae (red, green & black) and other contaminant­s growing on the exte­rior of buildings. Tr­aditionally buildings­ were pressure washed­ and repainted to rem­ove the marks and sta­ins caused by these c­ontaminants. However,­ the results often va­ried and did not prov­ide a sustainable app­roach to improving ap­pearances. Soft washing has becom­e an effective way to­ treat and clean any ­organic based stains ­from building surface­s without using press­ure washing.

Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning services will help you prevent damage to your home. Blocked gutters can cause future structural damage. The gutters on your home are the first defence against leaks and, when clogged, gutters can overflow. Gutter cleaning minimises insect nesting, mould and spore growth.

Roof Cleaning

Over the past couple of decades, softwashing has revolutionised the roof cleaning industry. With the application of carefully metered chemical solutions, roofs have been able to be cleaned without the use of pressure. The process will also prevent the fungus from returning soon after as it does when pressure washing is used.

Pressure Washing

Sometimes soft washing isn’t enough and you need something more powerful to remove those tough stains. Our team based in Plymouth offer a commercial pressure washing service across the whole of Devon and Cornwall.

Window Cleaning

Clear & Clean utilise a combination of three things to make your windows sparkle again. High reach poles almost eliminates the use of ladders and allows us to clean safely from ground level. Hot pure water will allow your windows to dry naturally to a streak free finish. Our heated pure water is provided by a Heatwave system and cuts through dirt much easier than cold water.

uPVC Cleaning

Soffit, fascia and cladding cleaning can be difficult and unsafe to clean off a ladder without using professional cleaners. Using Clear and Clean, you will be provided with a safe and effective clean of your uPVC.

Conservatory Cleaning

Adding a conservatory to any property is a big investment. Keeping your conservatory clean and algae free can be difficult. With our hot purified water system, extendable Gardiner poles and specially adapted brush heads, we can safely clean all your uPVC and windows to leave a clean and bright conservatory.

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