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Moss and Algae will usually grow in damp, shaded areas, which makes the roof of your property a great breading ground for these organisms. Many people like the look of these growing on their properties, but what they don’t know is this is slowly making the roof deteriorate. The moss and algae is slowly eating away at the tiles, causing them to become brittle over time. Having your roof cleaned can have many benefits, such as:

  • Improving the appearance of your property.
  • Adding value to your house.
  • Increase the life span of your roof.

This does not only benefit your roof but it also improves the quality of your gutter system. The main reason why your gutters will become blocked is due to the moss falling off of the roof, going into the downpipes of your gutters. This results in water building up from the very British weather, adding unnecessary weight to the PVC and risking damage to your gutter system.

Our method for cleaning explained

Here at Clear and Clean we use two types of methods for cleaning roofs. The first is scraping the moss off with our custom built scrapers, then covering with a Professional Use Only Biocide. Due to the number of different styled roofs, we have several profiles to help us get the right shape of the tiles. This ensures that 70-90% of the moss is removed which will then be vacuumed by our industrial gutter vac system. We will then cover the roof with a Professional Use Only Biocide which will kill any organic growth that might be remaining. The Professional Use Only Biocide continues to work over a period of months removing the remaining fungi, with the aid of weathering i.e. wind, rain and sun.

Our second method for cleaning roofs is by using steam. When considering to have your roof cleaned, one of the major things that you must NEVER consider is having your roof pressure washed. The method is very self explanatory, your adding pressure to a surface with intention to clean it. By adding this pressure to your roof, you will be putting it at risk by damaging your tiles increasing the likelihood of them getting cracked, causing leakages.

By using our method of steam, this will not only remove 70-90% of moss and algae, the heat will also kill these organisms, taking them longer to grow back. Once we have steamed the whole roof we will also coat it with our Professional Use Only Biocide to ensure the remaining growth is cleared. Once we have cleaned the roof, we always vacuum the gutters and wash down all your windows and PVC, using our hot water system.

When we do work on a customers roof, we will either work from ground level or on scaffolding. We always like to take a look at a property before we quote for it, so that we can consider these factors. These would include the hight of the property, the size of the gardens, conservatories and wether the scaffolding can fit down the side of the property.

Once we Have cleaned your roof and you are happy with the final results, we always recommend setting up a maintenance program to ensure your roof always stays clean and the moss/algae doesn’t grow back. The hardest part of the job is removing all the organic growth from years of build up, once all this has been removed, the next time we visit we will only have to use a Professional Use Only Biocide saving you both time and money. By having your roof regularly maintained, we can ensure that your roof will stand out from the rest for many years to come.

Biocide gives a soft and gentle treatment that kills organic growth and disinfects without damaging surfaces and the environment. The high quality ingredient of 50% DDAC content is the maximum strength government approved Biocide available on the market. It has the benefit of a low environmental footprint and biodegrades quickly. Once dry, the solution is PH neutral. The biocide will then protect your roof for many years from organic growth. This method of cleaning has proven to be successful in the professional cleaning industry.

Included in Clear and Clean’s roof cleaning service is a full gutter vacuum after the roof has been treated.

Here at Clear and Clean, we pride ourselves that health and safety is our primary and paramount concern. We are fully qualified, approved, trained and insured:

• Fully approved in the UK under HSE
• Reach compliant
• Fully trained softwash solution applicator
• COSHH qualified and compliant
• Street management qualified

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